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Cory Flatoff Accepts Position as Advisor on the Bombardier Safety Standdown Advisory Council

The Bombardier Safety Standdown Council has welcomed Pentastar Aviation’s Cory Flatoff as a new member of their Advisory Council. Flatoff, who currently serves as a Safety Manager and G550 Captain for the Waterford, MI based company, plans to be as hands-on as possible at the annual event, helping to promote knowledge-based pilot safety training along with personal discipline and responsibility as essential elements of aviation safety and professionalism.

“We are excited that Cory will be part of the Advisory Council at the industry leading Bombardier Safety Standdown. We are confident that with his extensive experience in safety related fields, he will be a valued asset to the Bombardier Safety Standdown team,” said Bob Rufli, Vice President of Flight Operations at Pentastar Aviation.

The Safety Standdown Website touts the Council’s critical responsibilities: “The Bombardier Safety Standdown Advisory Council provides expertise and recommendations to further Safety Standdown Program’s mission of preventing human error in aviation through global educational resources. The Council serves in an advisory capacity and is accountable to keep Safety Standdown Programs on track with long-term goals and contributes towards the program’s vitality.”

The mission of the Advisory Council is to provide advice, recommendations and suggestions for the content and direction of the Safety Standdown programs, by evaluating past activities, assisting in development of current projects, and creating and supporting the future goals of Safety Standdown.

Flatoff is looking forward to using his skillset to make a positive impact. “I want to share my experiences and help the Safety Standdown grow to even higher levels! I want as many people as possible to experience the same recharged feeling that I experienced that very first and every subsequent Standdown.”

If you would like more information, please contact Calvin Ford at [email protected].