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Pentastar Aviation Obtains Canadian Certification for Honeywell DU-875 LCD Cockpit Screen Upgrade

Pentastar Aviation, an authorized Honeywell Dealer, announced today the award of TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) SA21-34 for certification of installation of Honeywell’s DU-875 LCD flight deck display upgrade. The STC, issued in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) STC ST04194CH, includes Global, Challenger, Falcon, Lear 45 and Citation airframes.

The DU-875 is a form-fit plug-n-play LCD upgrade that overcomes the upcoming obsolescence of the CRT DU-870 displays found in older aircraft. Pentastar’s STC eliminates the need for modifications to the cockpit and requires no changes to the existing aircraft wiring or additional pilot training, ensuring limited aircraft downtime.

The DU-875 is a low-risk upgrade increasing display reliability, resolving obsolescence issues and contributing to reduced cost of ownership,” said Eric McFalda, Pentastar Aviation’s Avionics Manager. “This upgrade provides an entirely new avionics system with enhanced flight management tools, future growth capability, improved reliability and reduced weight.”

The FAA and TCCA certification of these aircraft by Pentastar Aviation’s skilled avionics team will benefit aircraft owners, as the LCD display is significantly lighter than the older display, providing weight reduction and fuel savings. Aircraft owners can replace the LCD display units individually or as a complete suite.

For a limited time, Honeywell is offering a $35,000 trade-in incentive per display replacement.

The Pentastar avionics team delivers an unmatched combination of quality, technology, superior customer service, and meticulous attention to detail. This outstanding group of professionals has decades of experience providing industry-leading avionics system integration design, STC development, and service and maintenance on the most sophisticated avionics’ systems in the marketplace today.